Tuesday we had some Dutch Pea Soup that Jeannette had made before I came and froze it for my visit. It wa really good and served with Rye bread, Ham ,butter and Mustard.

Tuesday a couple of old friends of Peter and Jeannette’s entertained us with a wonderful Italian Dinner and great conversation.  One worked with “Dressage” Horses.  Horses are big business in Holland.
Wednesday was another chilly grey day so I browsed the local Flea Market, had lunch at Bagels and Beans.

Nice Everything Bagel with Smoked Salmon and Pesto Sauce accompanied by a Matcha Latte…my first but not my last.  Very good and healthy.

I hung around Rembrantsplein and sipped a Rose wine while posting interesting shares on Facebook to see how people reacted.  It was mostly positive.  When I got back home we shared leftovers from the wonderful Spaghetti dinner Jeannette’s friends brought over to share the night before.  That was a wonderful evening with great Caprese Salad, Spaghetti, nice wine and Calvadoros Cognac for dessert.  The leftovers were almost as good.
Today was Peter and Jeannette’s 17th wedding Anniversary.  I took off early to try some Oatmeal and fresh Fruit at a local place but though it was good, it was a rip off so I headed for the Botanical Gardens of Amsterdam founded in 1637 and one of the oldest in the world.

I had a nice leisurely visit there walking the grounds with a break for a nice Lemon Meringue Pie and coffee.  I even bummed into someone from Oaxaca. A young Mexican couple, she from Oaxaca on her way to Paris and he from Mexico City and on  his way to Berlin.  They saw my hat and commented so we introduced ourselves.  Both flew into Amsterdam that morning and were trying to see as much as they could of the city before parting Amsterdam and going their separate ways.  Very nice.
I stopped on the way home to get some more of the pastries at My Little Patisseries and Flowers for Jeannette and Peter’s Anniversary dinner tonight.

I was their Best Man on the Boat in the Harbour where the ceremony took place.  I wanted to treat tonight so we tried ordered in through a delivery service but after jumping through hoops for an hour it finally came time to pay.  I gave them all the info then then said they texted me a code to verify my order.  Never received it  so we threw out the whole order and called a local South African BBQ and placed an order that I picked up myself. We had Smoked Sausage, slow cooked Pork Ribs, Roasted Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, French Fries , Cole Slaw, and Salad! Great Anniversary Dinner with  Chocolate and Vanilla Eclairs and a Lemon Meringue Tart.

Friday was a lazy day and late leaving the house.  I stopped in a nice little cafe called Kaver 4 because they had soup on special and it was a soup day.  The had cookie jars at every table with different cookies in each and allowed you one free. I sat near the window to watch the world go by and ended up ordering a cup of Beetroot Soup with Goat Cheese, a half order of Spinach Quiche and a nice salad.  All was very good.  I checked out the nearby Marqt (market) in a basement near by.  Then stopped at the Cafe I visited a couple days ago and had a Rose wine.  The waiter recongnized me and was all smiles.

When I returned home Jeannette ordered a Cheeseburger for my dinner later at 7:30 when we usually eat.  I retired early and went right to sleep until 10 am!.                       Saturday and and weather returned to sunny and high 70’s.  I took the tram to Central Station to renew my “Chipkaart” for the rest of my stay.  The Tram was full like at 4 pm in Oaxaca with School gets out BUT these were tourists with backpacks and suitcases as well as most of Amsterdam out to enjoy the day.  We had to pass up some stops as there was no room to add more.  I stood in a long line for a long time before I could extend my card, then headed for the Casino just in time to get in at an opening table for Poker.  Lasted an hour before I got bumped off and decided to attend the Food Truck Festival at Amstelpark.

I had never been there but found a bus that took me to the front gate.

I was very impressed with the park and the Food Truck Festival.  25 trucks, a band, games, bars, DJ’s, puppet show, magic show,…etc.  I had a Chocolate Macaroon…one of 5 choices.

Then I had a Vietnamese spring roll,

Duck sandwich with Goat Cheese, then headed home…for dinner with King Tut peas…the seed were found in King Tuts grave in 1922 and taken to England where they were germinated and cultivated. Potatoes, Tomatoes and Breaded Bacon.  Bedtime
Sunday…day of rest.  I walked to the Ryksmuseum and got a ticket but it was so crowded I decided to use it next week but went to their private restaurant but was refused because the whole place had been booked for a party.  I stopped in The Seafood Bar in hopes of some nice fresh fish specials…Tuna, Salmon and Cod…not special.  Vondel park was close by so thought that a good choice on such a nice day but again it was packed and while I was sitting there a guy hit the curb and fell on his head but didn’t get up.  The Netherlands doesn’t require helmets.  May have cost this man his life.  I left as the crowd gathered to watch him die.

I then decided to stop at Klaver 4 for a nice lunch then home to find Sanna, Jeannette’s daughter visiting.

We chatted a bit but have a lunch engagement tomorrow at Noon.   Peter made a Surinamese Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce that was delicious.  I headed for bed after the World Cup ended.
I got up early this morning, took a shower, and was relaxing with my coffee when the cleaning lady startled me.  I left but it was still early so stopped at Klaver 4 again for a coffee, juice and a couple eggs before meeting Sanna for lunch.  Now I was full when I finally arrived so had a small sandwich and water along with a nice visit with Sanna.

She left for work and I left for the Maritime Museum on her recommendations.  It was nice but a long time on my feet and I was glad to get back to Peter and Jeannette’s…83% and 40% humidity.  Tired me out.

We ate leftovers and I retired.
Tuesday was planned around my visit to the Ryksmusuem.  I hadn’t been there since they built an addition on to it and remodeled it. I was really impressed with the layout, accessibility to the exhibits, and the exhibits themselves.  It was tourist season and there were lots of visitors but you wouldn’t know it.  Everything flowed.  I think I might have missed a few exhibits.

Man behind…moved the hands of the clock
Even the Chandeliers were an exhibit to enjoy…they fluttered…..

My feet were aching and it was time to eat. The Executive Chef is world famous and has been garnering excellent reviews since they opened years ago.  The prices are steep so I steered clear of the the restaurant and ate in the Cafe…all under his command.
The wine pour was generous, reasonably priced and good quality. I had the Tuk Me In or whatever…Oriental Soup with a Chicken base, scallions, chilies, and lemongrass served with Brown Bread and Butter.   Very tasty. Then I had the Duck Confit with pickled onions and straw mushrooms. All very good.  It was still fairly early and I did tell my hosts I wouldn’t be home for dinner so sauntered over to Mulligans for a wee Pint of  Guinness.  Ryan showed up so I had a half a wee half pint and a Black Bush Whisky…then Ryan bought me a Rhubarb Cider so I had another wee
half pint with a Tellimore Dew Whisky.  I managed to take the tram home but it was still early and I thought it best I have a little bite to eat so dropped in The Bleck for a Pastrami and Cheese Toastie and a glass of  wine.

I was decidedly drunk so went to bed just after I arrived at 8:30.
Today was another adventure to Den Bosch in the country.  A lovely Medieval town built around 1150 .  I was told I should have Bosch Balls for dessert and the first restaurant I encountered had them in the window so I had my “Breakfast/Lunch” there.  A beautiful bowl of Wedding Soup with a  Club Sandwich and one Bosch Ball…full of whipped cream.

I was told they don’t accept Visa…common in the Netherlands…so I pleaded mercy …and  they allowed me to visit the  ATM back at the train station then pay the bill.  Nice meal but the Bosch Ball was so rich I felt a little queasy so decided to take a boat tour.


They have a canal system that runs under the  city.  When the city became popular and successful everyone wanted to live within the walls for protection so they built more homes over the canals to accommodate the influx.  Later they simply built a second wall around the outskirts….then later another 3 third wall. I took the tour as I knew of nothing like it in other canal towns.  It was four o’clock when the tour was over so I headed for the famous Gothic St. Joseph’s Cathedral but got lost in the maze of a medieval city but finally arrived took some photos and hurriedly headed for the Hieronymus Bosch Museum.  He is an artist I really admired and this was his home town.

We closed at 5 pm, come back and spend the day tomorrow!  Not what I wanted  to hear…tomorrow…next year maybe.

Walking around  the city was pleasant enough so I took the train home and arrived as Jeannette’s visitor, who cooked them dinner was just leaving.  I met her 17 years ago.  She was a bridesmaid at the wedding and I the best man.  We exchanged pleasantries and I went to bed.
Three days left before departure.  I just want to do nothing but the weather is so beautiful and there is always something to see and do…we will see what today should bring….Dropped the laundry, had lunch and did this…I’m posting it.

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