Dick, our Condo Manager, and I attended a concert with Emilio and his wife Paulina , the owners of El Luna y Sol Restaurant that I enjoy.  I have seen him in concert and been to his restaurant when he features some great entertainment but this was a first to see his wife perform with her band…and the two of them together.
It got off to a bad start with the the roof closed in the building.  Chamber music would be good but with Drums, two electric Guitars, a Sax and amplified Clarinet, I felt like I was inside a huge drum.  Finally they opened the roof and then we could appreciate the Bose sound system and fantastic music.

I left for the Zocalo and something to eat after the concert.  I arrived at Importador and joined my friend Chris for a glass of wine.  Well we got talking and talking and 3 glasses later we both took taxis home.  Chris just sold one of his homes in Phoenix and returns in two days.  We will get together when I arrive but only for one…maybe two glasses of wine. I sure slept well last night but feel lousy today.

Hector and Peter met me at Belanc Bakery for lunch today.  We talked a lot about Chuck’s passing and the health of others.  There will be a memorial service for Chuck Friday at the Library.  They will be selling off all his things so the landlord can take back the apartment. Apparently he passed away at the ATM machine so the police were called. He was very ill and had lost a lot of weight.  We talked about our plans this summer.  I hope to see Peter in Lee Massachusetts this Sept.  He said to let him know when I find out and he can get me tickets to the Boston Symphony at their summer home in Tanglewood where he works. While Hector and I were walking back home, Bill and Enrique passed by.  We chatted a bit and I said my good byes until next year.

Today was pool hall day with Allen and Raul.  I left early to buy some gifts and meet Michelle and her mother Connie for lunch at Biznaga. I met protesters on the way.

We started off with 2 Margaritas and one Mescalrita for Connie.  She thought it too strong so I swapped with her and on an empty stomach drank it.  The food came and we ordered one more round.  I was starting to feel that Mescalrita and switched to the Margarita but it was too late.  I was getting drunk. I finished my salad and ate very little of my Tlayuda.  Raul came in and joined us with some art he brought for Michelle.  I bought a hand carved wooden hummingbird for home.  I got in a Taxi and went directly home.  Our lunch was at 2:30 and I was still buzzed at 7:30 when I sat down to eat my Tlayuda. I remember talking a lot at lunch and more.  Connie lives in Naples and when I go to the reunion in October, I’m bringing her with my friend Karen for the dinner.

Well you get the idea..no more Mescal (on an empty stomach).  We all had fun. She sure is vibrant at 84…she is a beach walker.

This afternoon I returned to Viajo Lira for the second time this year because Rolando was working there now and I wanted to support him and eat another one of their pizzas.  Last time they said it had sausage…they served it with sliced “hot dogs”.  I hate deception.

The whole place had been remodeled and was stunning especially the roof top terrace where Rolando was waiting on table.  It was hot so I sat downstairs but I didn’t know he couldn’t wait on me as that was the next waiters turn…even though I requested him.  Next time I will insist.  Rolando got me my house wine.  It was 1/4 of a glass and was more than my Pizza Primavira with Prosciutto ham, mushroom, olives, etc.  I used to only order that after the sausage scam.

That is the GLASS of wine that cost more than the Pizza

NOW it was pressed crap ham like Subway.  I told Rolando when he asked how my Pizza was but he could do nothing after only a month on the job.  It was worth it to touch base with him again.  I took 1/2 the Pizza home for a snack and stopped at the Stamp Museum next door.  They always have great exhibits but this time they were tearing one down and putting up another so I just went home.

Today was drop of the laundry then attend a Memorial Service for Chuck Ryan at the library.  It was a very nice reunion of friends with great stories of Charles arrival in Oaxaca from New Orleans over 20 years ago.  He contributed a lot to the community by sending children to college, funding many projects at the library as well as sitting on the board of the library.  He opened his home to fundraisers, visitors, CouchSurfers, and dinners with friends. His caretaker and “adopted son” who he sent through Culinary School, Adriana is having an Estate Sale tomorrow to get things out of the house so the Landlord can rent it. I will attend that before going out to Pat and Don’s with Zoe for an afternoon Beer and Burger outing for her brother Darcy and his Canadian friend Steve.  Darcy is still battling his illness and it doesn’t look good.

I went to the library this morning then over to Zoe’s to drop off a huge bag of chips I bought at Sams Club for the picnic today.  It took up too much room in my bag that I was hoping to fill with goodies from Chuck’s estate sale.  Zoe ended up driving me as she also wanted to go.  There were a couple waiting outside when we parked the car.  I saw a mortar and pestal that would make a good door stop but as soon as I picked it up the lady that had been waiting grabbed it out of my hands and said that was hers.  She had a list and was grabbing everything in sight.  I found a copy of a Freida Kahlo painting for $4 and we left.  It was early and Zoe wanted to visit a pot shop and a nursery so we headed out of town.

She got a planter and a plant while I got a Skull for a door stop.

It was still early so we went to Llegales for a drink. They were just opening when we arrived.  Allen, a photographer friend showed up to meet some friends for lunch.  When we left they were turning away people because it was FULL.

We arrived at Don and Pat’s new remodeled home on time.  Jan, Steve and Darcy were already there.  We joined them for a beer and conversation while munching on cheese and crackers and the best Falafels I have ever had.  Pat brought out a lentil salad that also was delicious.  Eventually Don started up the grill and Pat brought out some deviled eggs with potato salad, chips and toppings for the burgers.  We ate a wonderful afternoon meal, got a tour of the beautiful home they have been working on since they moved in last year. I counted 3 bedrooms…two upstairs with a roof top terrace and view…one down.  A huge kitchen with all new cabinets that Don made…along with a center workstation, shelving, beds, chairs, doors, closets, window sills, wainscoting, medicine cabinets, spice cabinets, etc.
Don made a desk, end table and TV table for me.  He and Pat did or are still doing the entire home from scratch.  It looked great.  We returned with Jan and Zoe dropped the two of us at the taxi stand where we each took a taxi home.

Sunday I packed and covered things, emptied dressers and consolidated closets in case I rent it out to visiting friends before I return.  Deke came by and agreed to call my taxi driver for  my ride to the airport.
Today I will try and get my boarding pass and empty the refrigerator.
So this is it…goodbye Oaxaca.

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