Well Sandra left Wednesday and I never left the house for two days.  Just relaxing and catching up on reading , emails, photos, blog, and putting together a shopping list.  Friday
I visited Llano Market and got some food in. 

      Then Saturday I was headed to meet Darcy in the Zocalo to welcome him back from his Canadian visit and pick up some waffles he made for me. I dropped my laundry off and got there early, he got there late and ordered some food.

 I was headed for Walmart but decided to return to the house because the roadblocks by protesting Teachers had Oaxaca in a gridlock.

 I returned and after changing into cooler clothes decided to return and have a beer with him. 
      When I arrived he had already befriended a “bird” from England that I remarked on before I had left.  Victoria the “Queen” from Brighton…a bit of a Chataholic(so is another old friend from Brighton…hmm) but friendly, quick witted, young, and a bit sexy was having a beer with Darcy.  I bought the next round and later had another myself.  It was a nice lively entertaining conversation about nothing.

 Felt Good! Victoria, the sport she is, took Darcy up on a challenge to hold metal rods in each hand while the vendor cranked up the voltage on his battery to see how much she could take….I think she made an 8 of 10.  Not bad but the vendor was having a thrill out of this and didn’t want to stop until I said something like STOP!! 
     She was on Thomas Cook Travel deal from London and was headed for the beach. I gave her my card to show Boomer at “Boomers” bar in Zipolete in case.  She might get a beer on the house.  I emailed and told him I would make it good. Always help a traveler. 
    I stopped at a tourist shop on my return to buy the only Mexican decorated tissue box dispenser I have seen in Mexico.  I looked for it when I was in San Martin but it was nowhere.  Well it was sold.  I asked if they could reorder and where did it come from.  No and San Martin!…Impossible..I went everywhere there to no avail.  I gave my card and when I returned there was an email from the Manager saying I could pick up my three KLEENEX decorated dispensers Thursday if I would pay for them tomorrow.  

      Sunday I slept in then remembered I promised to pay in advance the 3 hand painted Tissue boxes.  $15 a piece…most I had ever paid and they would not negotiate a discount.  But is was ART!   I paid the boss for the boxes and he gave me a receipt to present the cashier when I pick up my order Thursday morning.  I think that is what he said in Spanish…we will see.    I decided to walk up to the Basilica and over to take a photo of a building that had just repainted it’s facade with Graffiti Art. They change the whole front of the building every 6 months or so. 

        I hiked up the hill and across the city , took the photo of the building, but it turned out I thought it was the building repainted…BUT the other similar building was up the street.

Good day for walking and I felt good as I was passing through the Zocala on the way home.  A big crowd was gathered and the Pluma Dancers will putting on a show.

         I got a few photos and watched the dancers who volunteer to do this training and dancing for  three years for their village.

I returned to watch What the Health …one of the best documentaries about our processed food industry that I have ever seen.  
      Monday is Canadian holiday of sorts so we are celebrating the Fourth on the 3rd with some surprise guest appearance and music from our own Cheap Seats. It will be held at the Oaxacan Restaurant across from where I lived in Yarterini.   I ate there on occasion.
    Today Zoe emailed me to tell me she was going with Chris and Rick, her neighbors, and I was invited to ride with them.  I bused it to her place and waited for Rick to pick us up. We arrived a little late, bought raffle tickets , and took our seats.

 The buffet was a huge selection of Oaxacan food for around $8…yes …all you can eat.  Beer was $1.50.  Notice the Sneeze Guards?

The band was playing the whole time except after eating when they held the drawing for lots of prizes.





Shortly after a few more songs, the crowd started home.  

It was around 5 pm and we arrived around 2 pm so it was perfect.  Rick dropped me back at Zoe’s and I hopped a bus home.

    Zoe arrived today to visit with Adelina.  She cleans my place from around 11 – 12:30 so she  surprised her just as she was leaving.  Zoe used to live in this complex but hasn’t seen her in 2 years.  We drove over to visit Darcy at Importado. Zoe parked in the car park and we walked the short distance.

 Darcy had just left so we chatted about our travels over a couple of Margaritas and then returned back to our nests.

   Today my B Pressure was running high.  Did some exercises, took my Meds, had my smoothie and still high.  A long walk was in order. I took the bus North to Cherdaui in Reforma to shop.

 I had not been there in 3 years and was pleased to see they had remodeled and added and imported food section with fantastic selections.  No fresh foods as we have all the fresh markets here, but seasonal.  I bought some pickled ginger from Japan and Tamarind Paste from Thailand.  Three hours late I returned home by Taxi, with three bags of groceries.  I had to finish defrosting the refrigerator (you remember that?) before unloading everything.  

    I woke today with relaxing on my mind.  Leisurely stroll, coffee at the bakery then stop at the shop to pick up my tissue boxes and home.  I stopped to let my legs get some oxygen and noticed a man selling a lantern similar to what my daughter sells.

 I followed him and discovered he sold all kinds of flashlights that he had attached to his jacket as display with the rest in his backpack.  The lantern was $9 but not as nice as the ones she sells.
    I stopped again in the Zocalo just to read a bit.  Wonderful day. Then I saw a man putting 2 sacks loaded with hats in a tree.

 He returned to a small sack with samples of the hats then left to sell them.  I assumed when he did, he would return for the others and hope no one stole them.  He knew no one would.  That is another reason I love Oaxaca.  
    Then some young people dressed in dance outfits from their village walked by…and lovers

 I noticed others doing the same from another part of the Zocalo but all were headed the same direction.

 I decided to follow them to take some photos .  I thought they were headed for the Soledad Catedral for a wedding celebration or festival.  When we got close I noticed a restaurant I had wanted to try so thought I would have coffee there and look at the menu then later continue to Soledad where I could catch the dancers in full swing.
      The restaurant had nice organic whole foods prepared in the Oaxacan tradition so I will return.  I finished my coffee then arrived at Soledad while Mass was being said around Noon on a Thursday…but not a Wedding or any sign of the dancers.

 I headed for the bakery and noticed the road was blocked and there were crowds of indigenous people forming.

Maybe a protest march later?  Then I saw a the Museum of Pre-Hispanic Mexican Art that I had heard about but never been to. I entered, bought my ticket and was amazed and transported back over 2000 years BEFORE the birth of Christ. I’m doing a separate post on that.  

Last night I woke with slight palpitations and decided to go back to taking Terazosin at bedtime.  I took one and went right back to sleep.  When I woke my B Pressure was low so I passed on morning Meds until later.  I was out of Propane so just reported it to Adelina and went to the Market for Fruit, Avocado, Yogurt, and fresh eggs. I decided I wasn’t giving up on Dairy and Eggs…just cutting back.
          I returned and took my Medication BEFORE I checked my BP.  I checked it right away and it was still low then when the Meds kicked dropped to 80/44…any thing under 90/60 is considered danger zone.  I felt myself fading but could not stay awake.  I woke from a two hour nap feeling better with balance BP.  It should be fine in a week.

Slept well last night and left early for the Organic Market where I bought some Agave Syrup.

It was such a gorgeous day, I just wanted to walk… even stopped in church.

I ended up at the bakery and had some Avocado Toast and Coffee.  

The Oaxacan City Library was having a Photo Exhibition at 1 pm.  Well no one had arrived except me.  I forgot…Mexicans, like the Spanish are NEVER on time.  I think they think it is rude.  I didn’t see any exhibit only a small bar for entertaining the Photographer and his followers.  He was out in the lobby with some “fawners”. 
     There is a continued week of Dance with different band at the Zocalo in preparation for the big Celebration coming next week.


 I bought fresh OJ at my stand and went home.  The price went from 15 pesos to 
18…inflation.  Avocados were 50 pesos for 5.  My yogurt with a dozen eggs 160 pesos (got to start shopping around) Inflation.

        Oaxaca is gearing up for the Guelaguetza two week celebration.  Tickets were sold out months ago but free admission is available for those that want to sit in the bleachers and wait in line for hours.  I’ll watch it on TV and attend as many of the associated events going on everywhere in the city during those 2 weeks.   

      It’s Saturday and I’m off. Dances still being performed in the Zocalo.

Walked and walked…had coffee at the Bakery and returned home.   

      Sunday morning and I was late for a Dance Show at the Opera so took a taxi and made it.



Another Dance at the Zocalo…

I stopped in the Benito Juarez Market and paid $1.50 for an Avocado.

        I’ve made a decision that I am not sick of travel… just traveling like I’m 40 years old…I’m going to start taking tours, cruises, rent a cars, trains…no more coach class or two stopover deals to end up in a one star hotel with my room 5 stories up and NO elevator. Travel from A to B is getting stressful but once your at B it’s not to bad…so Japan, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Wales, South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, hear I come!!! Maybe I’ll exhaust my savings but trying to preserve as much for my daughters as I can.  I get rent in the winter and save money in the summer while back in Oaxaca. Adios for NOW.


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