Four Days Passed Quickly…Now the Move, Lectures,Dominoes and more good food.

     I met my friend Richard last night.  We ended up having a Pizza at an Italian Restaurant.  I ate something the day before that did set right so Pizza sounded good. We caught up on our summer adventures, parted ways and returned home.

    I was to attend at trip to visit Mitla, another Zapotec temple,but woke in the night with continuing problems and couldn’t return to sleep thinking about calling Century Link today to get my tenants  in Scottsdale on the internet.  I over slept, missed the lecture and decided to call PC Repair to go over and help my tenants but they didn’t answer the phone or return my call. 

       I decided to call Data Doctors and they had a Technician return my call within 15 minutes.  He needed a Credit Authorization form filled out before he could do the work but agreed to call and make an appointment. He then emailed me the form. I tried to have it printed next door but they were closed.  

She turned away when she saw the camera..sings too.  Her mother plays too just down the street.

       I did make the evening lecture at 5 pm.  It was another full house.

       When I returned from the fantastic, unbelievable lecture by the only Indigenous Person (he was Zapotec from Oaxaca) to receive his PHD in the country of the Netherlands.  One of 11 children, his Father and Mother, age 17 and 14, came down from the Sierra Norte Mountains in Oaxaca to the city with their first child to start a new life.
       Louis, the lecturer,  was younger than me, married a lady from Ohio he met while going to the University here.  She died about 5 years ago and his (17 year old..just a guess) daughter was there for the lecture. How Louis, who only spoke Zapotec in grade school, went on to become a PHD, author a book, teach all over the USA as a professor…then return to his roots to try and change Mexico starting with Oaxaca was amazing. I digress.
      The computer store was closed that evening when I returned so couldn’t get a copy of the authorization form printed to fax back to Data Doctor.  It was bed time.
      I woke in the night with Montezuma’s revenge…not good.

      It was Friday and the tenants upstairs were moving out.  I assumed I would move in on Saturday but had some things packed in preparation for the move.  I went to the Internet store to print my authorization but it was closed.  I cancelled Dominoes because I was still having problems with diarrhea but went to get something to eat because they are moving me tomorrow and I have no food.  After about 5 visits to the toilet I thought I could make it to get some solid food in my stomach. 

        I did and thank god their bathroom was free.  I tried to eat an Omelette and drank some juice but left half of it to return to the Internet store and had an “accident ” on the way.  I returned home, took another shower, changed my clothes then visited the internet store and made a copy of my credit authorization for Data Doctor to complete the appointment they made with Rae, my tenant.  I then filled it out and faxed it to Scottsdale ,  returned and called their office to insure they received it. 

         Then I called the Technician that made the appointment to be sure he understood there was nothing wrong with the network that I was aware of other then Rae could not get on her Hewlett Packard Laptop and that I was on the network the day before I left and that my neighbor is also on the network so there is nothing wrong with the router.

      I was nauseated and back and forth between bed and the bathroom when the maid came and said the movers were here to move my refrigerator?  The landlord had a crew come to move the other tenant out and had to switch refrigerators.  The manager explained they were available to move all my stuff today!  I had packed three suitcases and had some stuff ready but all the bathroom, my closets, the kitchen dishes , food, all my computers, …well everything was yet to be packed.
       Five guys showed up and I wasn’t going to wait until tomorrow to move everything myself so had them switch the refrigerator and take the suitcases I packed. Then I went  upstairs and emptied out the suitcases while the maid and the guys just kept grabbing my clothes from the closets, 5 gallon water bottles, clothes rack, silverware, while I returned with the empty suitcase and started throwing books and bathroom stuff, toilet paper, shampoo, dishes, food items …this went back and forth for five hours.  I was dizzy , sweating, physically exerting myself like I used to when I was 45, up and down stairs, etc.  I finally couldn’t breath and was too dehydrated from the diarrhea, no food , etc.

       I didn’t have any change to pay everyone for sticking around and finishing my end of the move so I just arranged to give all the money to the big guy that works here for the landlord’s business and he agreed that he would split it up.  The manager gave me some meds for my problem. I went up to my new apartment and start sorting out the mess.  My blood pressure was 87/56 so I just rested and drank a lot of water.  


           It is now about 8 pm and the Meds seem to be restoring me to normal.  I have to say it felt good to work that hard even if I almost died doing it.   I did feel myself fading and was incoherent on and off for about 1 1/2 hours toward the end. I will sleep in my new bed tonight and finish unpacking the rest tomorrow.  The maid is coming to clean up the floors tomorrow.

         I was up and down once all night and up early.  This place gets lot of sun during the day. Late this afternoon I laid in bed to rejuvenate myself while looking out the window at a tree instead of a wall.  The tree was dancing in the wind it’s branches like arms swaying to the rhythm of the wind while birds danced back and forth from branch to branch like they were accompanying the dancing tree. Then the maid came and mopped the floor.




     Then the dog started barking.   I could see it on the rooftop on the other side of the wall.  I shut the window and took out my hearing aides and calm was restored.  Everything was calm and still.  I think I’m really going to like this place. 


        I slept well last night and was awakened at 6:10 am  by an earthquake somewhere near Acapulco.  The building swayed softly like a boat in mooring. This was my third since coming to Mexico 4 years ago. Sunday being a day of rest I stayed home again except for a long walk to the Supermarket to stock up now that I was settled in one place.  I took a taxi back to save any embarrassing moments.

     Today I stayed in again except for a brief walk to the Organic Market but they had nothing I wanted in the line of groceries. Nice restaurants there so ate some Grilled Fish Italian style that was very good then went to the local convenience store for butter,bread and bananas then settled back in for another night.

    It’s Tuesday and I emailed Richard for lunch but he’s off to the Gym. Now I feel guilty and know what’s right so I decide to walk to lunch and back..maybe 2 miles.  Stopped to print info copies of important Docs at the Internet store, dropped off the laundry and got directions to the key maker.               Walked past Zocalo, turned right and I was at a string of shoe stores.  Asked for the key maker…go back , right then up??? UP?…well you get the point…a language problem but I’m feeling better walking 6 miles instead of 2.


Circles and Circles…so finally after about 45 minutes..there he is.

Thirty cents later I’m on my way with a back up key in my wallet in case I leave without my keys.

        ATM was next stop just backtrack through the Zocalo. Got my allowance from the ATM to last the rest of the month and headed for the Farmacia to up my diarrhea Meds.   Then on to lunch at Biznaga’s…great Mediterranean Skewers of Beef, Pepper and Onions Marinated in Wine I suspect but Filet Mignon.. for cheap .


 Kathleen showed and I renewed our acquaintance.  She lives in Boston near the Cordon Bleu School and keeps a home not far from the restaurant we are in.
      A saleslady came through table to table trying to sell some limes she picked off her tree.  I was getting ready to go to the market to buy limes so I bought one bag then she being a good sales person said I could have the second for half price.  So now I’m stocked with limes.
      Then as I was leaving I heard a soft voice my ears…David..and there was beautiful , smiling, welcoming Martha. She introduced me to her classy friend but my ears didn’t pick up her name.  We chatted a bit about her return to the States and I left making a note to email her ASAP.  We converse well and have things in common. It is a pleasure to share her company.
      I was returning home and noticed the convenience store I purchased my bananas at so ran in and bought some Tangerines.


       My laundress told me to return at 5 to pick up my laundry.  It was 4 so I returned to the condo . Feeling good about the walking and my energy so while I was partaking of lunch earlier, the Technician that repaired or replaced my Century Link Modem and install a router and configured it all while connecting my tenants computer reported I owed him almost $300.  I was happy because he gave good service and what I asked for.


       Getting ready to go pick up the laundry before Hector my friend arrived for our reunion get together and dinner when I heard a knock on the door and there was NOT Hector but somebody delivering a basket of organic fresh food products…vegetables, eggs, herbs, fruits…???  I thought someone was giving me a Welcome Basket. He was looking for the former tenants. I think it was a standard order they received each week and forgot to tell him they moved.  Adelina did and gave him the address.  Well about 1 minute after I closed the door I thought …this is great.  To get fresh organic fruits, veggies, and eggs , I have to get a taxi or walk a LOT and only on a few designated days a week…I want that delivery and chased him out in the street just as he was getting in his car. Got the info then left for the laundry.  When I returned Hector showed just after.  We sat and talked about our year until 7 rolled around then walked over to Tres Bistro for dinner…and a fun evening.

        My Oysters were fresh and succulent. He had Pumpkin Blossoms and Corn in Spinach Crepes. We both had Grilled Salmon on Mushroom Risotto and share a liter of Red Wine.  The staff was great…I found out the Bartender, Alfredo makes all the chocolate truffles they serve. They are the best in Oaxaca. We toasted Chris in her absence and just had a good time. I took a cab home and slept well.



       Today I’m off to the Library for a lecture. The lady Anna Casilly was from Ashland Oregon and very good.  It was about how to be a better communicator.  Something we could all learn, especially me. I hope I got something out of it. I had lunch at a new place just up the street.



         This morning I wanted to get some quality bread at the best bakery in Oaxaca. I walked a lot, had breakfast at a little hole in the wall that serves quality food, beverage and delivers fast pleasant service, then walked to the best bakery in Oaxaca, bought a Half a Loaf of Cracked Whole Wheat bread.


 I then visited a very unique grocery store that offers homemade organic pickled and fermented products in addition to Tahini, Real Peanut Butter, Homemade Dill Pickles, Pickle relish,Apple or Pear sauce and assorted vegetables. In season they sell Wild Mushrooms. Then I met a friend who I had ordered some Chocolate Muffins and Cakes from. We chatted, had a lemonade and returned home with the goodies.

       The condo is looking a little better now…still need somethings on the wall.


            Dominoes dominated the Day.   I arrived at 10 am for my first Mexican Train Dominoes game since I left last year.  There were 6 of us and I ended up to be the BIG loser.  I mean …nobody was close to my losing point score.  I think it was my new glasses…just couldn’t read the dice..blurry…confused me. Wasn’t my fault…NEXT WEEK  
           I shopped the Friday Market in Llano Park and bought a small funnel and some Ginger before crossing over to Quinque Restaurant for their Comida ..or daily special of Friday Fish…It was breading and Pan Fried…the whole meal was great for $4.

       While I was returning home I passed through the Zocalo and stopped to say hi to Darcy.  He introduced me to a Celtic Canadian from New Brunswick named Steve.  I took off for home hoping to get some things done and was to meet Helen at 5:30 for dinner.  Didn’t have much time to do anything and it was 5:30 when Helen showed at my door having taken the bus from Llano Park.  It was good to see her and I was anxious to show my place.  I try to sound not too over enthusiastic because I don’t want to come across as a braggart and show off…but I love my place.
            We walked to the Cathedral Restaurant for dinner.  Richard and his friend Alice was there when we arrived.  We shared introductions but refused their invitation to join them so we could catch up on things since last I saw her in Rochester in May of last year.

           Our dinner was very good as usual…especially Helen’s dessert which I never did get to taste but then she didn’t get to taste my Chocolate Coffee Mousse. We took a taxi home.

         I wanted to relax with an On-Line Poker game with my Music Cloud but last night I couldn’t get on mymusiccloud  except my old free account that I cancelled last year when I upgraded and uploaded ever song I’ve ever cherished all my life then deleted the copies, CDs, tapes, vinal, when now I can’t get access. I emailed their help address.

      I bought a TV at Sam’s Club along with all my groceries.  That same day I noticed a sale at Walmart for an upgraded model of the same UHD Samsung Smart TV for 25% less.

      Sunday I returned the TV to Sam’s Club then went to Walmart and bought another TV saving $125 so I bought a blender.  I spent the whole day and evening trying to hook the TV up to no avail .

     Monday I attended a lecture on the history of Oaxaca Part 1 then returned to give the TV one more go.  No go.

   Tuesday I returned the TV for another with no problem.

   Today Adelina is coming to clean house and I’m meeting Pat, Darcy’s sister to give her money so her boyfriend of 20 years can make a desk for the extra bedroom.  When I return, I will try to set up the TV.


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