It was my second teaching experience at Gredos, a converted farm estate in Baco de Avila, now a upscale hotel with a Mirror Pool, and very nice facilities. Lucy from Yorkshire, England and Jackie from British Columbia, Canada joined our Anglo Group the morning of departure from Madrid on a Mini Bus. Carmen headed up this program with Peter as the Master of Ceremonies, Daryl taught Vocabulary, and Fernando taught Grammar.

      Our students were Luis from Madrid, Ramone, Victoria from Canary Islands, Sara from Ibis, Charo, Jorge, and Guillermo.  That was it. Our bus stopped on the way for a brief 10 minute break.  I exited the bus then as I was coming out of the Men’s room I felt wet on my leg and knee.  It was blood all over my left Pant leg. My knee suffered a scrape and was bleeding profusely.  I lifted my pants and put on a napkin and waddled to the bar where the bartender gave me a band-aide. Tom gave me some tape to apply but the blood was still leaking through the bandages .  I put water on the blood stains hoping to keep it wet until I arrived in another hour and 1/2 at Gredos.  

      When we arrived we had to drop our passports at the desk and our luggage while we sat through an orientation of what to expect this week. Then we had dinner.  Finally I got my room and soaked my pants in the Bidet until morning but couldn’t get the stain out. I added them to my laundry and dropped them at the desk for cleaning.

     I looked at my schedule in the morning and discovered I had nothing to do after breakfast so returned to bed for a nap.  I had two one on ones from noon to 2 pm with Luis and then with Sara who worked for Pasha, a famous dance-nightclub in Ibiza.

 Lunch and again nothing until 8 pm.  I booked my room in Madrid and caught up on this blog. Entertainment at 8 pm consisted of Peter doing a comedy routine with a Spaniard, brief video spoof on learning Spanish, and him playing a couple of Spanish Classical Guitar songs.

 Dinner at 9 then two teams fought for Trivia dominance. We won.  First was questions, second was bits of music to identify…I flunked that but did well on the first. Good day and good night!  
      Today we did a group presentation on how to get rich. Our group were to present three ways. My way was to rent out my condo, book three months of Vaughtown classes and just hop around Spain from one of their classes to another eating and living the good life while meeting wonderful people everyday…then when I return…I have three months of rent and my social security waiting for me…over $14,000 worth of savings I didn’t have before I left. My schedule gave me the rest of the day off  to relax. It did rain and cool down to the 50’s today but then the sun came out.


 We had an entertainment hour again before dinner with another skit. Then after a nice dinner we met up at 10:30 for the Kama-ta ceremony from Galecia Spain that wards off all the evil spirits…the drink they make  wards off everything.

       Wednesday I had a one on one with Victoria Sanchez, an artist of considerable talent.  That evening I was part of the Entertainment hour. Dabid and the Cool CatsThe Lion Sleeps Tonight
       Today I had a one on one with Jorge, my friend.  We discussed Arizona and his future one year commitment to work in Germany. 
        Friday, our last day, we all checked out at 10 am then I enjoyed a one on one conversation with Charo, a nurse.  She had toured Vietnam and Australia but had a phobia of snakes so always went with Marco Polo Tours for safe accommodations. She spoke with her hands and intense expressions. 

        We all met at Noon for Certification presentations and lots of applause and hugging. Our group photo after then we boarded the bus for Madrid.  It had been a wonderful week for all of us.  
        I took a taxi right to my room when we arrived in Madrid. 


  1. Hello David, Sure looks like a fun time – but then, I don't have any complaints about my 3 weeks in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Is this group smaller than usual? Or is that a new plan for the program? Anyway, glad you had a good time.H


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