Last week I attended my good friend Larry’s 90th Birthday Party in Golden where he lives.   I was fortunate to hitch a ride with Chrissy, another good friend, and her significant other Richard.  They had rented a nice Ford Explorer so we could fit everything in for the long (12 hour) trip.
        We departed Thursday evening at 9 p.m. from Chrissy’s home, where I left my car. Richard drove North on I -17 to Cordes Junction where we met Norma, another long time friend, at McDonald’s where her friend had driven her from Prescott to meet up with us.  It was around 10 pm when we returned North through 4 Corners and on to Canyonland, Arches, and Moab Utah arriving in Western Colorado around Dawn where Richard turned on to I 70 East to Golden.
 Larry and Bambi, his house guest for the week, was waiting in Golden to take us to breakfast when we arrived around 9-10 am.  We headed for the local Restaurant and a great breakfast but not so great coffee.
        We all had to check out the local Marijuana Dispensary as Recreational use was legal in Colorado.  It didn’t look much different then ours in Arizona except I don’t think we grow it on premise like some of them in Colorado do.
       Richard and Chrissy left for their hotel and some sleep. Norma and I took a nap.  That evening Larry ,Bambi and I stopped at the Columbine Cafe and the VFW next door to confirm the arrangements for the Party on Saturday.

      Then Larry took us to the Elephant Bar where we met a couple that were friends of Larry’s and were joining us for a drink.

 Richard and Chrissy ate near their hotel then retired early while we had a great dinner but very poor service.  It was still a great evening out but we were all ready for bed.
      Saturday morning we had Egg McMuffins.  Larry and Bambi got ready for the big day.

We left to pick up ONE of Larry’s event planners. Norma had not been feeling well the day before and was staying in bed for the whole day.   Pattie, the planner,  had prepared some Pork Chili and Mexican Dip with Chips and Tortillas for a snack at the party.


We picked her up along with decorations then stopped for the balloons then Bambi and Pattie stayed at the Columbine Cafe to Decorate and arrange the outdoor tables for the food, games, refreshments and the Band that was coming. Larry and I went and picked up the cake and checked on Norma, who still was not feeling well.

      By 3 p.m. a party was set for Larry at the VFW where he was presented with some cards, a very risque Cake and his fellow members at the VFW , which is next door to the Cafe. Another Pattie showed up to be the designated Photographer for the the whole day.

She was another long time friend and was staying at Larry’s cabin in Dillon that night.  After some drinks, snacks and cake we returned to the real party at the Cafe.

         The party moved back to the Cafe where the food was being prepared and set out as the guests started arriving.

Chrissy arrived.

Look’s like Larry’s beach in Rocky Point Mexico

The party started….

  It was a late night when we retired and almost Noon when Richard and Chrissy showed up with Egg McMuffins …we departed at Noon while Norma, still in bed stayed for the week.  They were making plans to get her to the Clinic that day (Sunday) after talking to her Doctor.
       We did the same trip in Reverse except I got to see the scenic views this time……

        We made it home by Midnight and I drove back to my condo.  Norma ended up in the hospital and last I heard was doing fine…that was two days later …so hopefully she got to enjoy her “Vacation?”                                                                                

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