Friday I met Sharon for my Sabe Dinner at another new place I had wanted to try Tor…
She met me there and we chatted while I waited for my meal.  She had ate a big meal and treated herself to a Mezcal instead.  Sharon is a very active retired person from Chicago that speaks fluent Spanish and teaches English on the side. She is good friends of Halina’s and we have been to San Agustin as a group for a day trip.

       My first course was watered down black bean soup, second a three ounce piece of whitefish on rice with a side of mango salsa and the last was three fried tortilla chips with fruit jam in between.None of this was worth taking a photo of.  We had a nice chat but when I got the bill I noticed IVA 58 PESOS?  It looked as though it was a tax as the 250 peso Sabe was like 225 but then they charged me for my drink that was supposed to be part of the meal.  I figured it was some tax so added a tip and left.  Sharon went to a dance concert up the street and I headed for the Palacio for an Art Opening. Walking through the Zocalo I spied Saul, a waiter and friend at Tres Bistro out doing his job getting customers upstairs the the restaurant.  Then Sharon showed up  as the dance was a bit loud so we both went to the opening and stood through some “talking heads introduction of the artist” , and a ribbon cutting before scarfing some free booze and leaving. I googled the IVA tax and found out it was an “added” tip…so the guy got double!!!#$%

       Saturday I walked to the dental office of the Periodontist I was referred to.

 She was busy and offered to take me at 6 pm but instead I made an appointment for 9 am Monday morning for x-rays and a consultation then stopped at the Organic Market for an Omelet and some Kale for my smoothies then retired early that evening.

     It was Sunday and I was determined to have Brunch at Diverdico where I had lunch a couple weeks ago.  Everything was impressive and I was anticipating a very special meal. The Service and the Cappuccino was excellent .  I picked the French Omelet Stuffed with Meat and Goat Cheese. served with an Avocado Sauce. The Omelet was nice a fluffy and full of flavorful meat but I couldn’t figure out if it was Beef or Pork…then realized it was Cabra or Goat. That was OK but there was no Goat Cheese that I love and think would have made the dish special. Then there was a lot of fat on the meat…so I paid the bill and decided only to return for the Coffee and atmosphere.

         On the way home I spotted my friend Darcy had returned from Canada and they were having a wake for a friend that died a couple years ago.  Every year on the anniversary of his death a group get together and order his drink with 8 straws and each person takes a sip of his drink in his honor. I think it was Capt Morgan Rum and Diet Coke. Darcy’s sister Pat was there with her significant other Dick. Jill, who owns Casa Colonial B & B was there with 2 of her guests, and Jan, who I had gone to a village with her to look at a house she had for sale on Valentines Day three years ago.  She supports the library system in the State of Oaxaca and did sell her house and now has and even nicer one….if that is possible. It was a stunning day but I left and did my taxes and filed them.
         Monday I had my consultation with the dentist then to the Clinic for Panoramic X Ray of my mouth.   I had my last Sabe dinner at the Catedral, a wonderful restaurant

Excellent Crab Cakes on Creamy Polenta

Broiled Fish with Stuffed Clams


Very Tasty Poached Fruit in a Thin Pastry Cup with Carmelo 

       Tuesday there was a “Play” at the library .  Two Actors put together a series of Skits that were
humorous and entertaining. I stopped at Berlina again to try the Currywurst which was good…

Then attended the show.

The Oaxaca Sabe had their End of the Show Tasting of all 24 restaurants with free Mezcal and Local Craft Beers.  I was early so stopped next door for a Coffee.

         It was 8 pm when the doors opened.  I was first in a long line of people waiting to enter while all the different restaurant Chef’s and crew were hastily unloading and setting up at the last minute.

                It wasn’t easy trying to stuff myself with a camera and beer in one hand and Mezcal and a plate of goodies in the other but I managed.  One hour was plenty…I still had to have my
oral surgery the next day.  It has been a busy 5 days.  Adios


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