I returned from Mexico City late Monday Eve…tired.  Tuesday Adelina came to clean my condo so I ran off to do a little shopping and relax over coffee while catching up on some reading.  I returned while she was just finishing up.  Wednesday I was booked for a tour of the Amaranth production, processing, storage and cultivation in the village of Villa De Etla.

      I met everyone at the library as we checking in then loaded the Van bound for the village.  It was market day in Villa De Etla as we entered their “Headquarters” and retail store for the sale of Amaranth…a healthy plant dating back to the Aztecs.  Most of us already used the seeds in Granola, soups, salads and candy.  The young leaves are used for salads and the older mature leaves for tacos, quesadillas, and soups. The staff passed around some samples of different products produced using Amaranth for us to sample while explaining the importance of the jobs created from the growing of Amaranth and the system they employed to maximize the benefits for the communities involved. The local and “La Puenta” (one of the non profit organizations involved) representatives took turns explaining and promoting their organization.  All four would nod affirmatively as each person took their turn talking about their specific duty or job or some of the advantages for all.  They started to look like bobble heads…nodding away automatically each time one of them said anything!
     Their points were well taken but I felt their had been some “corporate” coaching behind the scenes where they are being trained to promote donations for the “Cause”.


 We moved on to the processing of the seeds and the retail store operation.  Then off to the country farm to see it grown.  After a question and answer session with the farmer we went to the half constructed storage area where the seed were weighed in and labels with time stamps for shipment.

    Now starved we were treated to a communal dinner prepared by various members of the village that were involved in the production.  It was a beautiful day and we were invited to participate in the preparation of the meal along side the village ladies as they fried up potato cakes stuffed with cheese, grated jicama and carrots for salad, made an aqua fresca for drinks and prepared a yogurt dessert with fresh strawberries and lime for dessert.  All with Amaranth flour or seeds in the dishes.

     All for suggested donation of 50 pesos or $3 but after that wonderful sell most were donating 200 pesos or $12 when the hat was passed in the van on the return trip home.  Still money well spent and still a cheap day out.
     I left the bus and headed for the mini mart to get a bottle of wine for it was Men’s Happy Hour at Casa Charles home not far away.  I had packed some nuts to contribute to the group get together and was the first to arrive.  We had a good crowd , lively conversation, snacks a few glasses of wine and maybe a tote off the pipe.  All I know is I was tired and maybe a little tipsy upon arriving at my door.

Bed time was early…but I slept late.
    This evening I am off to the dentist for another session then shopping at Walmart. I just saw a movie about the AMA and how doctors for 20-30 years within the AMA lied to us, distorted facts, covered up, and misrepresented the Medical profession.  I was taught, as a young Catholic, to respect authority…priests, doctors, police, firemen, teachers, etc….blind respect was in hindsight a mistake…but here I am going to a Dentist that I feel is taking advantage of me and my money. 

          So I  made my appointment with the Dr  and told him I no longer wanted treatment and he could keep the $300 50% up front fee for his work, x ray and impressions but I no longer wanted any further work done on my tooth or any other work by him.  I rather have a bad dentist that’s honest and treats me with respect than a gold digger cheat that is a good dentist but a con.  He said my tooth is broken now because he started work on it.  I explained it was not the tooth I came in to have repaired and yes I understand metal in your mouth is not healthy but it takes two teeth to eat…upper and lower.  The lower that you are working on does nothing without and upper…which was removed a year ago. It is just cosmetic.  I didn’t say it exactly like that but then shook his hand and walked out the door.
       I then took the bus to Walmart, finished my shopping, and took a taxi home to make an appointment with another Dentist for next week.

        Today I played a wonderful game of Dominoes at the library.  I lost .   We all decided to go back to the Hotel we were playing at and eat breakfast…something they said would insure us a nice round table for our 2-5 hour games of dominoes in their wonderful facility.  

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