Sunday, on the way to the Library Boutique Craft and Miscellaneous Sale our Bus encountered an ambulance accompanying a Marathon of sorts with about 5 runners and police motorcycles and patrol cars stopping along the way to block cross traffic.  I exited to a crowd of waiting library member hoping to get there first and steal the goodies before anyone else.  I was going to pick up my La Plume coffee from the plantation owner Mark who had some waiting for me.  I bought 300 grams of whole bean coffee then picked up a hand woven basket for my kitchen utensils…rarely find drawers in the kitchen to store things in unless you own one of those custom homes with hand made mahogany cabinets like yesterday.

      Then I noticed a 19th century pewter Tea Canister from China for $60…and 7 Vinal Albums of the Beatles…Help…Abbey Road…and some Originals kept nice and in so so original album covers…5 which were in Spanish.  I had no money or ATM card so returned home to drop my stash and pick up some money.  I did take time to “Google” the Tea Canister but nothing came up like it, but the albums were a mixed bag and prices from $12 – to thousands.  I couldn’t remember at the time what they were but returned and offered the man 1000 pesos for the 7…he stuck to his 1400 Peso asking price.  I got his information and left my card for him.  I decided to email a professional collector in Melbourne Australia who is a friend and put out feelers.  I could turn them to him for a profit and he in turn could pass them on for even bigger profits.
      I wanted to have breakfast at the restaurant owned by the Chef who prepared our meal on the tour.
He came recommended for his breakfasts…all he does at the restaurant since he opened two years ago but wasn’t opened on  Sunday  Llano Park was doing Zumba as I passed through.

       I had an appointment with Ron, a black man from Chicago that I met while at Zipolite Beach in January.  He teaches English on the internet, has a lady friend and a daughter by her back in Zipolite.
He is considering opening a business and is planning on being here on a long term basis…going back and forth like me. There was a concert in the Zocalo when I arrived.



We had a nice talk.  He has a beautiful rental in Zipolite for the next few months and goes down every week for a day or two to visit his daughter and girlfriend.  He has a car here.
     We agreed to keep in touch and I stopped on the way home to have breakfast at the Azul Lobo.

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