It’s 1:30 and time for me to take a shower and get out.  Yesterday I didn’t leave the house until 6:30…cooked and caught up on my “lists”.  I left around 4:30 for a gathering at A Sol, a B&B just down the street.  Sharon, who went to San Agustin with us, invited me to a roof top “Happy Hour” with the Virgin of La Noria as the focus.

Peter (Toronto)Canadian/ Halina (Detroit) Polish

David (Scottsdale) USA- Mina?(Chicago)USA

Patty ? Making a Point

Don with his drink in his pocket.

Helen…making her point with Patty and Sharon.

This was a religious celebration that ended in parade through our Colonial La Noria neighborhood.
     Halina was there and Helen came later.  We set up some chairs as the rest of the “residents” arrived with Seviche, Cheese and Crackers, Wine and Beer…now we had a party.  I met a lot of lovely people that I didn’t know and some I hadn’t seen in a while.  The parade ended up taking a different route than last year a by passed us down the street.

 No body cared at that point and the Cardinals match with the Panthers was just starting.  I excused myself and walked over to a local bar to watch the Cardinals humiliating defeat by the Panthers…I had to leave a Half Time and returned home.
      It’s Monday morning and I have a 11:30 dentist appointment with Dr Mina to take an impression for a replacement Crown as mine cracked. My dentist quoted me $1673 .  Dr Mina’s quote was around $600.  I booked a follow up for Wednesday then took the bus to Walmart to go shopping.  I arrived home around 2 pm.


     Movie at the Opera house tonight was 45 Years with Charlotte Rampling and Tim Courtenay , both excellent actors…I still have the hots for her…and she looked good!  I missed some of the dialog and the quality was lacking but for $1.80?  I would have paid that just to sit in the Opera house. This is part one of the the Oaxaca Cine Film Fest which will be 6 nights and 6 movies this week.  The second part in is May I think.


  1. Your world travels are amazing! It looks like you have met some interesting people while you have been gone. I am sorry about your dentist appointment and spending that much money, but think about all of the places where you can still travel to in life while viewing interesting attractions and people.


  2. A cracked crown can be a real downer, I'm glad you found someone who was able to take care of it. I am a little jealous of all your adventures! But I gotta say I'm most impressed that you still find a way to follow the Cardinals in all these exotic locales.Marco @ Natural Dentistry


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