I am not sure where home is anymore…let’s call it “home base”.  I’ve been back a couple weeks and have been busy with the usual…replace the car battery,clean the carpets, have the electrical fixture repaired, pickup all my mail, renew auto insurance,fix the garbage disposal, have the condo cleaned, pick up all my clothes in storage,  start making appointments with the doctors (Primary care at the Veteran’s Hospital, Primary care through my Care More Insurance, annual check up at Care More, Renew all scripts with Primary Care, new scripts with new Primary Care, Dental Cleaning, Laser Eye Surgery, Dental Check up, Dental Oral Surgery work, Urologist visit, Cardiologist visit, Cardio Vascular Surgeon visit, back up second opinion Urologist visit, back up Cardio Vascular Surgeon second opinion visit, MRI Scan at Simon Medical, Ear Nose and Throat Doctor visit, Podiatrist visit, ….and revisits, more tests, follow up visits, etc etc.   I played golf 3 times so far and have another scheduled game coming up this week.  Went bowling, visited two casinos, one play, numerous Happy Hours with friends, and am now in California visiting my daughter Heather and her family.  
     If I compare my life back at home base, to my life in Mexico, the only thing of all the above that I include while walking the streets of Oaxaca…is the Happy Hours.  So what is it I do in Mexico?  Relax and enjoy life!
    I returned from a wonderful visit with my daughter and her family with the flu I caught .  It has been two weeks and it is just leaving my system.  My oral surgery is complete with bone graft and a hole where my tooth used to be.  Foot doctor, Oncologist, Eye Doctor and Dentist are done for this year.  ENT doctor says I’m not a candidate for Cochlear Implant….yet…almost deaf. Vascular surgeon might put stents in my legs and Cardiologist wants a stress test. I have appointments out to July 27th (Urologist), so will be hanging around longer than expected this summer.
      Passed the stress test with flying colors.  Cardiovascular Doctor recommended NOT doing any invasive surgery and work out the pain with exercise and workouts. I needed and got new hearing aides that I enjoy more than the old ones. I’ve changed my diet and feel better but not losing weight…!!!.   
     I’m a Host for Active International at an event being held in the Phoenix Art Museum.  I have to introduce members and give some guidence for the Museum event.  Maybe I’ll take some photos.

Also I have a guest from Vancouver B.C. coming in next week for two nights.  I will show him around Scottsdale and put him up while visiting.  My friend Tim, who is living in the Phillipines will be arriving after that.  He is from here and after dropping his son off for college in Vancouver, B.C. (coincidence) he will bus it to Phoenix, then rent a car and visit friends while staying with we for a time.  His brother, another friend of mine and old customer at my restaurant, just passed away last month.  
      The heat is and has been and continues to be HOT.  After my Art Museum event, I will do something for a couple weeks to get out of here. 

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