Saturday ..Hospital Visit and ???

       I woke to a house full of guests and family.  Kathy, Helen’s friend , left to return to New Jersey and her Grand Daughter Jenny left for work.  Dawn, her daughter, was expecting her husband to drive up from New Jersey to bring her some clothes to wear for another couple of days that she would stay to help.  
       Helen and I left for Breakfast then I was to follow her to the hospital so I could see David before I left the next day.  I was going to Martin Van Buren’s house after then back to the house. We had a nice Breakfast and Chat before I followed her to the Albany Medical Center.         I parked in Handicapped next to her .  We both have Intermittent Claudation in our legs so the trip from one end of the hospital to the other was slow and painful.  When we arrived at David’s ward, it was FULL.  He had a private room across from the Nurse’s station and was quite cheery.  Normal for David.  He had lots of computers and feeds in to him all hung on a tripod so he could walk around a “Pink” track with pink socks on so if he got off the track, the nurses knew he didn’t belong there.  
     Dawn and her husband John showed up shortly after we arrived.  David’s lunch arrived and I left for Martin Van Buren’s house. Helen slept on David’s bed while he visited with daughter. 

           I had no map or GPS just a general idea so headed South East out of Albany and after driving through the center…I arrived on the road I wanted and ended up at Martin Van Buren’s home. A miracle. 
       The tour started just after a short movie about him and his life.  He was the first “American Born” President.  The 7 before him were born in the British Commonwealth…know as America but not officially.  The tour of his house was interesting.  It was a small home so we were crowded in but the Park Ranger did a great , understandable tour that I did enjoy.  

     I returned to Helen’s after and arrived to Barbara waiting to take me to Max’s Brassier, a Swiss Restaurant with excellent food.  Jenny joined us.  I drove.  When Barbara , who is my height, got into the back seat, I commented…sit up front with the leg room but she said Jenny gets sick when she sits in the back????  OK?  Jenny sat up front and played on her cell phone the entire 20 minute drive while Barb and I shouted back and forth with no response from Jenny.  
      We arrived and were seated in the bar as it was Saturday and all the tables were booked with reservations.  It was nice and comfortable and Jenny was pleasantly surprised by the menu.  She like local, organic food prepared fresh to order.  She got it and came to life.  We all had a really nice meal and a nice conversation.  
         Helen and Dawn were home when we arrived.  We all went to bed early.  


         I woke Sunday and packed.  Then had coffee with Helen and left for Batavia after having the last piece of Apple Pie.  I stopped at McDonald’s for a scrambled egg and sausage breakfast and was on the road by 11 am.   I drove straight to Batavia through four SNOW flurries all along the way and arrived about 3:30 and checked in the Comfort Inn.  

         I unpacked and got comfortable then around 5 pm I headed for Alex’s Restaurant for the Twilight Special.  The ground was covered with snow when I got in the car.   It was melted by the time I got to Alex’s.  I had the Chopped Sirloin with Mushroom Gravy, Tomato Basil soup, Collard Greens with Red Peppers, Cheese and Crackers, two glasses of Merlot then returned.  It is so nice and quiet here.
           The rental car now had an additional 1800 miles on it since I picked it up at the airport.  I drove around 36-40 hours of my 13 day trip to the Northeast.  I made a copy of the 1937 Yearbook from Attica H.S.  My Aunt Grace was in her Sophomore year and my Uncle Charlie in his Senior year.  Then Monday I took it to the Attica Library and donated it while reviewing others from 1931-41.  Goodbye Attica.

Waiting for the Plane


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