Reunion with the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

        It’s Saturday morning.  After a good nights sleep I had breakfast at the Inn’s restaurant and took off to meet Jennifer.  She was busy catching up with homework but after a short time we left for the Buffalo Science Museum to meet the rest of her family. 

       This gets a little complicated so bare with me. Her daughter Taja met us there with her two children Arietha and Raniya Marion ..middle name in honor of Olive Marion Taylor …her grandmother and my mother.  We all waited in the lobby after calling her oldest daughter Rose who picked up Alexis’s three boys..Gavin..Cordell and Javier…and brought her wife’s son Zander.  We  moved into the first playroom while waiting…and waiting…then called Rose to find she was in the lobby but we didn’t see her arrive.  

        We all went from the first to the fourth floor over the next 3 hours with all 6 great grandchildren excited and non stop from one exhibit to another.  I tried to take photos but also wanted to join in and get to know them now they were at an age a father figure was important.  I hadn’t been a great father to my three daughters and was never good at it but now they and their children and their children’s children inspired me. I grew up with a father that never hugged , kissed or held me.  He loved me but didn’t know how to show it.  I could feel my family’s need and wanted to give them all what I missed out on.

Weather Newsman

Experiencing a Tornado

Missing Alexis and Latisha


        Their other sister Latisha was still in Florida and had spent a couple days with my grandchildren Ellie and Chase while they visited their Grandmother Peggy with their mother Heather…my third daughter.
       Alexis the other sister was home cooking a meal for all of us when we returned. Sadly, I didn’t get to spend the time I wanted with her but had a great meal and a wonderful time at her home with the whole family including Romeo the dog.

Rose and Jennifer



       I hope to see her again when I return from visiting my cousins and my Uncle Johnny’s grave site.  I fly out of Buffalo so she is free Monday from 12:30 to 1:30.
It was early when I got Jennifer to give up her homework and took her back home.  I was just tired but hated to leave. 

        My third and first born daughter still lives in Phoenix but drugs choose her or she choose them…a sad addiction.  Her 4 children, my other 4 great grandchildren are around but I am only in touch with two of them. 

        I”m working out at the gym and going to college senior classes …walking a lot and still traveling .

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