I was going off to lunch at a recommended place for Chili Nogada.  A green chili stuffed with minced chicken or pork and nuts with herbs, then topped with a Creme sauce with pomegranate seeds.  It looked so good in pictures I had to try it out.  On my way I heard someone call David!
         Joan was shopping in a nearby shop when she spotted me passing by.  She had gone to Mitla yesterday and enjoyed it. Today she had just come from the Market near the Zocalo.  She joined me for lunch and trying her first Mole with Vegetables.  It was raining when we said goodbye and returned home.  We had planned to have dinner the following evening.
      Getting close to dinner time.  Did nothing all day and now it’s raining.  The Gods are Angry!  Rolling Thunder!  All the birds in the complex are out soaking up the rain, preening, fluttering their wings, taking a bath, and enjoying it.  So many different species..hummingbirds, canaries, doves…all flying back and forth.  The rain slowed, so after dropping off my laundry, I took advantage of the lull and hopped a bus to the library where I caught up on my NEWS of the day and did my SUDUKO before going next door and meeting Joan.  We walked to El Sol y La Luna just as they were opening, ordered and by the time we finished we gave up our seats to the line out the door.  Our Pizza and Salads were great.  The rain and stopped and after seeing her back to Mariposa we agreed to meet for lunch at Biznaga after her tour of the Gardens behind Santa Domingo.
           We met at 1 pm and walked over to a special display of solar energy uses and craft booths with things from Paper Making from Agave plants, to homemade Guitars.

 We then went on to Biznaga for a wonderful lunch of fresh fish before taking a taxi back (it was raining) to our respective homes and agreeing to meet Palm Sunday to take some photos of Religious processions…at 9 AM!

       I settled in and was relaxing while fixing a hot chocolate when I heard a wrap on the window and looked up to find my neighbor Tom. He brought a box of white wine over to offer a farewell drink.  We finished the wine, then broke out the Scotch and were totally totaled by the time he left.  It was one of only a few times since I’ve been here that I let myself go but really enjoyed the conversation.  He is a very nice and special person and I was feeling bad that I was not returning.  He assured me that I just had to let Tere, the landlady know that I wanted to return if things didn’t workout and she would welcome me with open arms.  I do so like the gardens here.
       Needless to say, I missed my coffee appointment with Joan this morning and the morning…it is now almost noon. She emailed an invite for lunch Monday, as she was leaving on Tuesday.
       She spent the day in San Martin, a pueblo of wood carvers, and was introduced to one of the best.  He took her to his home and showed her how they carve the copal wood then the family paints the different figures before they go on sale.  We had lunch at nearby restaurant then I was home by late afternoon.

Chili Nogada

Mole y Vegatables

       My last day I did nothing but finished packing, getting boarding passes, and making sure I didn’t forget anything.  I did make a trip in to Oaxaca for a last “walkabout” before I left. Tomorrow morning the taxi picks me up at 6:30 am..board the plane at 8:15 for Mexico City.  I have a 6 hour layover there before hopping the 2:45 flight to bring me in to Phoenix at 5:25 where Marjorie will give me a lift home.  Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again.
      Everything went as planned except my Global Entry Pass wouldn’t authorize my entry.  It seems that when I have my fingerprints checked, my arrest record keeps coming up as that stays on your record forever.  The TSA officer said he will request that an exception be programmed into my record that will bypass that the next time…yeah right.
      I came home and flushed paper down the toilet, brushed my teeth with my Sonic electric, used my Water Pic for about 20 minutes and drank water out of the tap.  Amazing the things we take for granted aren’t always available when you travel.  No more news until the next travel adventure…?

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