November went fast but December is like wildfire.  The Oaxacan Calender reads like a book with so many events happening everyday that I don’t have time to read it all.  I just go and stop at the events as I encounter them.  Crowded buses and streets can be a hassle.  Cab fares go up 10 pesos…70 cents.  Yesterday I spent on a tour. 


     Today I went to the library but everyone was tearing it down and setting up for the Bazaar Domingo.  I gave Adrianna, the Hefe, a gift for Nancy and Mari from Marjorie in the states for Christmas.  100 Pesos each.  They are two young girls that Marjorie met when volunteering at the library on her visit here.
       I made some copies next door of weather in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and the Yucatan.  Hoping to visit all of them and Uruguay if possible…if I can leave Oaxaca. There was a Maestro Mescal Tasting with local Oaxacan makers of Mescal merchandising there product.

 Also a Children’s something or other just setting up for the weekend.  Carol and David, that was with our group on the Yagul hike, walked in front of my camera.  They just came from another market that I had yet to visit.

        I went on to a Photo Exhibit then, after, I stopped for lunch at Nuevo Mundo when a man approached me and asked if I was American.  I was just ready to check my email, read my newspaper and play SUDOKU when he invited himself to join me. Well OK. 

      Boris was a rare book collector on his 9th trip to Oaxaca or for sure..C.A and S.A., from California-Seattle area.  Each time he studies Spanish and takes some courses.  He is here for a month.  We tried a little Intercambrio in Spanish but my hearing in this outdoor Cafe made it impossible. We exchanged cards when Steve showed with his wife Virginia from Seattle.  He was with me on the tour yesterday and used to come to Phoenix for the Baseball Training to vacation.  We all chatted a bit then I left to check out the bakery I frequented last year. 

          It was the best and I wanted to see if it was still in business.  YES and much nicer.

They added Chocolate Delicacies! I bought some Croissants then on to pick up my laundry…$1.80 and return home for a short rest before heading for the parade. While trying to take a photo of the Church on the way home, my neighbors from Alaska walked by on their way to celebrate their…I think 30th Anniversary.

They return to Sun City Monday. 
       I relaxed and regrouped then departed around 5:30 for the 6 p.m. parade from Santa Domingo to San Pablo Cultural Center.  

I knew it would be a big deal but not sure what it was.  I assumed a religious procession?  No.  

First parade was the Oaxacan Chihuahua Club all with Santa Hats on including the Chihuahua dogs!  Then Alaskan Huskies? or Malamutes.  Following that was the band,ladies with lamps, and the head was led by a man carrying the equivalent of a entire trunk of a tree like the Scots do on Highland Fest.

Not a religious fest but a chocolate celebration of Cacao.  Along the parade route were reps giving away chocolate milk they blended in a milkshake mixer.  Then when you arrived, there were displays promoting Chocolate and Cacao bean.  Quite educational but not at all what I expected.  

      I walked home reflecting on the evening.  I stopped at a Mescal bar close to my house.    I laid 100 pesos on the bar for the house Mescal…1 1/2 oz. and went the bathroom. (the main reason I stopped) .  When I came out there was no change but like everywhere except America , it is rude to pay in advance…you pay when your done.  I sipped my drink then asked for change…no mas por favor…he looked , handed me my change and said, ” Maybe a little?” I tipped him 10 pesos for another shot and a slice of orange and walked out a return customer!
     I arrived home having bumped into 6 people I knew and met two new ones in a day.  That’s better than Phoenix and it’s getting to be the norm.  Every one of the 5 Churches I passed had a wedding  I tried stopping into a new restaurant in my neighborhood but they said it was a private party.  I looked in the back and they were set up for a huge lawn party with a stage for at least 400 guests…I recognized the pink limo from one of the church weddings.  Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Dropped the wedding party off but the stretch limo couldn’t make the corner so had to keep going. 

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