I slept my average 10 hours and rose about 9:30 am. Peter was gone and it was a sunshine day.  I picked up my laundry then headed across the street at my favorite coffee-breakfast cafe for my fresh orange juice, American Breakfast and Latte.

 After spending some time on the computer I took the Tram to Rembrantsplein near the center for some photos and entertainment. 

Hari Krisna


Look Mom

Rembrant’s Night Watch

Not a Line Dance

Rent a Bike and Join the Dutch

           I discovered a Wok and Walk fast healthy food place where I ate a very good meal then headed for Mulligan’s Irish Pub for a Guinness cleanse my palate. Miriam the owner wasn’t there but I left my card and hope to return tomorrow night for the “Music Session” and visit her then. 

           I returned to Rooseveltlaan where I was staying and stopped by my old Dutch bar to see if anyone I knew was still around.  I recognized three people.  The bartender Rim, a lovely lady took a minute then shouted David as did one of the old timers on the other end of the bar.  We chatted a bit and I went over to greet and hug the old Dutchman with the handlebar moustache. 
          It was getting dark but on the way home I stopped at the Bookstore to great the owner …another friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  I gave him the progress report on Jeannette and am going back to get a card for her and have him sign it.  Next week I’ll get some flowers from her flower shop and have the lady sign the card then take the train to Hilversum myself to visit her.

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