I wanted to visit the airport to adjust my ticket and possibly reserve a bus at the airport to take me to Quinetero.  I stopped for lunch next to the bus station then asked if the bus went to the airport.  Si Si so I board the bus….no pay until you exit the bus.  The bus took off and was 20 minutes out of the city when it went right pass the turn for the airport.

 I got off at the next stop, crossed the street and caught the next bus back to Oaxaca.  It appears the driver would let you off at the turn , then you had to take a taxi or walk to the airport?  It was now around 3:30 and I was hot and tired but decided to explore the La Noria area of town when I bumped into Peter who lived there.  He took me to his complex and introduced me to Victoria the landlady.  She said she could show me two studio that were available for next year but if I wanted them, I had to leave a deposit to hold the reservation for next year OR she would rent then to others that already have there name in but haven’t come yet.  I told her I would take number 5 and bring the deposit the next day.

 If I cancel 45 days before arrival in November and go over to Helen’s place, I forfeit $40 .  I get to see the studio at Helen’s place next month.  I thought it worth it to reserve the one now.  It is a beautiful complex.
I walked to Biznaga for an Empanada

and Wine before returning home at 7 pm .
        Courtney and I spent the early afternoon visiting the Abastos Central Market.

 It is the largest I’ve been too in Mexico. We returned to my future home next year to pay a deposit, had lunch then I returned home after stopping at a Museum about Mesopotamia and the life of the Mayans.

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