The Guelaguetza…a Celebration of Oaxacan Identity.

     The largest celebration of the year has begun in Oaxaca.  Folkloric group from each of the eight regions of Oaxaca participate wearing their regional clothing, exhibiting their dances and community ritual.  120,000 visitors are expected from Mexico and overseas.Activities take place throughout the city with over 60 different events including a Mezcal Festival in Llano Parque.

         The Celebration started with a big gathering at the Zocola.  Each of 8 representatives of the districts of Oaxaca (all women) was introduced and came on stage to explain the dress, culture, customs and music of the district and what made it special. It looked like Miss Mexico contest.  They were decked out with the costumes so elaborate and their hair done up like movie stars.

           Yesterday I took the bus to Walmart and found a wastebasket!  I was thrilled to find my wastebasket…and Goo Gone!  Still not everything but I’m done with the shopping…only took me 10 weeks?   Still need a lounge chair.
         I  caught the wrong bus back and got the tour of the villages. Walmart is farther from the Zocola then Yartareni where I live.  I forgot my camera yesterday so missed out. It was a race to make the second bus stop for the transfer before the rain came. I did.
        Tonight nothing happens until 8 pm …Monday is the first BIG day and I didn’t get tickets.  No fun by myself with the crowd.  I’m trying to get tickets for the Mexican Ballet at the Belle Arts in Mexico City before I go.
        The day was spent doing nothing.  Reading, playing poker, watching John Adams and catching up on emails. The evening sky is clear for a change with an almost full moon to accent it.  I can hear music echoing off the mountains.  I’m not sure if it is from the Zocola and the beginning of the festivities or the Restaurant down the street.

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