Bosphorus Cruise

David made his usual stop at Starbucks for a fresh Orange Juice and Latte .  You would think you were in a California Starbucks with all the beautiful young couples there .  The ones that spend more time looking at themselves in a mirror than each other.  The ones that spend more time posting Text Messages on Facebook than talking to each other.  Every morning it was like that, I had to pinch myself. Istanbul-California?

Boat to Nantucket, Istanbul…taken by Harvard Mom

 I took the tram to the Docks , got my ticket and boarded the ferry for the Black Sea.  It was a pleasant hour and a half ride and very beautiful scenery. I saw a lady that wore a sweat shirt that said Harvard Mom.  That was not a tourist thing or flea market sweat shirt.  Her daughter is in her second year and she has been to Boston and loved it.  I think she was from the Balkans but never asked, Duh.

 Most all of us exited at the last stop and then heading for a Castle on the hill.  David headed back to town and wandered around  just relaxing and reading.  He had a nice lunch of Fresh Whole Sea Bass  and a glass of wine.  Three hours went by fast and the ship was boarding again.  He joined everyone and had a plan to  take the Tram to the Grand Bazaar in search of an Alarm clock that would wake him at 6:30 so he wouldn’t miss his 9am bus to Varna Bulgaria.

It was getting a bit chilly so David went inside to relax when he dozed off.  What seemed like an hour he awoke in a daze realizing the ship was stopping .  He had moved to the bottom floor and could see the crew pulling off the gate to put down the gang plank so he went to the bathroom . He came out as the line was exiting so he did too but didn’t recognize the port.  Then he turned around to see everyone was still on the ship and only about 25 people got off.  He started back when the gang plank disappeared as the ship pulled away and left him.  He got off  at the stop before the last stop.

No Alarm Clocks!

Lost Twice in one day!

 OK  he could just take a water taxi so bought a token and then  realized no water taxis went where he wanted.  He asked about getting on the next tour boat  of the company he just got off of.  It would be another hour and he had used up his ticket.  They might let him on or not?  He found a bus was departing in 10 minutes just up the street so ran up just in time to board but the driver  wouldn’t take his money.  He had to buy a ticket in the kiosk right next to the bus.  OK but there was a line and while he was waiting the bus left without him . Finally he go a ticket which was $6 on top of the $15 he paid for the ticket and the other $1 for the token he can’t use for the water taxi.  Not to worry, another bus arrived shortly and he was on his way back.  Hoping to have time to buy an alarm.  He needed an alarm he can carry on his person!

 Well I would have been home and showered by now but after boarding the bus 25 minutes ago I think we have move about 1/4  of a mile.  The traffic is 5 pm traffic, hornblowing , bottlenecked and I’m on the  Non A/C bus.  It could be worse, I could be standing instead of sitting. Oh well…my fault…no it’s Allah’s will!  Nothing can be done so relax . Wait!  I’m now near the Tram I want to take.  I don’t have to go all the way through this traffic on a bus, I can get off and just get on the Tram earlier and avoid all this traffic.  What would Allah say?  The hell !

I’m off and now riding in Air Conditioned comfort and just passed the bus I was on. Maybe I do have time to make the Market and buy the alarm clock.  The what clock you say?  We have watches and cells phones…maybe if you go to the Old Bazaar down the hall about a mile they might have one???  So much for that.  I put in a wake up call when I returned to the hotel for 6:15 and hope he is awake to knock on my door.  The same guy that was asleep when I first arrived.  It has been a good stay and a good day.  Tomorrow…Varna Bulgaria on the Black Sea…which I did get to see today but no beaches. Goodnight and Good Luck!

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