The "Wedding"

Ready to go Mike?

Mike’s Neighborhood

…and this is all MINE!

The local Coffee House

Look Sharp Son!

Mike showed up at 6pm and wanted to stop for coffee after showing me his property. We went to the coffee shop across from his house.  There we met one of his neighbor cousins. Then we went  over to his house so he could get ready for the wedding.  His son came in from playing basketball, took a shower and had his suit on.  Mike gave David one pair of his dress shoes to wear while he showered. The shoes fit fine and when Mike was getting dressed he asked David to tie his tie.  He can afford $100 tie but can’t tie it.  We were ready when his other son showed and we loaded the car and headed for the Dinner party.

Welcoming the Bride

Our Table with Food

I’m full

Mike with his sister’s from California and David

The Music and Dance Begins

The actual wedding was the day before and David was excused from that.  It was hot and also outdoors in the afternoon sun.  This evening was a full moon, and very pleasant .  We arrived and went through the Groom’s welcome line and were seated at one of the honored tables for family. The food started arriving before all the guest had.  Drinks and Appetizers.  Vodka, Grappa, Wine, Soda or Beer were offered.  Platters of fresh sliced Tomatoes, Cukes, Peppers, Cold Cuts, Chicken Salad, Chicken Livers, Cheeses, and Breads were laid out.   The rest of the guests arrived and finally the Bride arrived and anyone in the Groom’s family followed her in a procession  down the Red Carpet to the Head Table where she was seated with her husband .  Some welcoming speeches by the Patriarchs of the families as well as the Bride and Groom then the music  and dancing started.  It was like Bollywood production with loud trace like Arabic or Greek music.  Men with Men , Women with Women and Couples together .  There were lines of dancers as well as people just moving with the music.  The music NEVER stopped until it was time for dinner to be served.  Then platters of Lamb, Chicken, and Beef were presented along with a pickeled cabbage slaw and more fresh vegetables.  Desserts were Sweet Cakes soaked in Honey, Bacalava, Watermelon and trays of assorted fresh fruit.  Then Fireworks and another procession to give cards with money to the waiting Bride and Groom.  Finally dancing while people started home…it was 3:30 am when we got to my hotel.  I thanked Mike and we agreed to see  each other again in New River.  I took more movies than Photos so this blog  may seem a let down until I figure out how to get the movies on to it.

The power went off this afternoon while David was using the internet to upload his web album of the wedding, his blog and above all to let the Hostel know he would arrive in Pristina early in the morning so they would be expecting him.  He could spend the  early morning in the bus station for 4 hours.  He decided to pay the bill of 99Euros…a little more than expected.  He needed some more cash for the bus and the hostel wanted cash when he arrived.  He used the ATM across the street to get 100 Euros…issued in two 50’s. He stopped at the market to get some snacks to take on the Bus…3 Euros so he gave the cashier a 50.  Well around the Balkans no one has change!  This was a supermarket with 3 butchers behind the meat counter, a stocker, two cashiers and two other behind a deli. The Cashier got all upset and had to lock her register and go to the office safe to get change for a 50.  It was her attitude that I have seen before.  This arrogant uncaring , why are you making me work attitude that doesn’t make you want to return to the Balkans.  I see people, including Mike, just throw their empty plastic bottles or trash on the ground or out the window of the car.  Cigarettes especially.  They are in awe of people with money or power.  Big fast cars and fancy house impress them.  Fancy clothes makes them feel more important that the rest.  I can travel in Asia where people are very poor but kind and considerate of others and their surroundings. Their they thank you and smile!

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