It is 5am Friday and it seems like I have been here a week yet it has only been 3 days in
Pattaya.  Lots to do as I get to know the city better. I met with Denise, Dr Doug’s wife,
yesterday at the Wonderful Bar II. Dr Doug was out with the Boys and arrived a little later.
 Denise had been to a Thai cooking class so we discussed food and life in Thailand.  
They arrived in October and will stay at there condo until March or maybe May.
 Doug arrived and we talked and shared photos of their recent trip to Koh Chang.
 It is a nice island off the coast where they stayed over the water in a nice bungalow.  
We ventured out for a brief walk up the street before taking a Baht Bus (small pick up truck).
for 10 Baht or .30 cents to the end of the street…a mile or two.  You push a button to alert
the driver when you wish to get off and wave him down when you want to get on.
The woman next to me kept praying…either for me or that she arrived safe?
We went to see the new Holiday Inn and a few places at the end of the beach area where
they frequent.  We had a few drinks at happy hour. 
I left to stop at a modern mall to look around before buying two hamburgers at DQ
…yes hamburgers. Christmas is in the air.
It is now Thursday.  We will meet today at 10 am to visit the Sanctuary and then have brunch.
I visited Au Pain for my morning coffee and croissant. I am have intermittent deja vu inspired
by the warm ocean air, the Asia bustle of motorbikes, the smell, the noises, etc.  I’m not really
sure why.  I do feel like a rich man both in spirit and for real. Everyone smiles and treat you
with respect and a good sense of humor. It is very pleasurable to be around such friendly
people.  I returned to the room to work on my portfolio when in the middle of intense
contemplation…buy sell buy sell???…the computer rang.  A Skype phone call that startled me
out of my world and back into reality.  Dr Doug wanted to move up our morning meeting
to 9:30 am…I am ready. La gon or good bye in Thai.
The Baht Bus took me to the Dolphin Fountain where I thought it would turn to Beach Road
where I get off to meet Doug and Denise. It kept going instead of stopping.  I thought it would
turn further up the road but after 10 minutes I decided I better get off and hop another back
to the Dolphin Fountain and walk over to the meeting point.  I did but this time the Bus
turned and entered Beach Road and there was Doug and Denise. I was right on time.
We walked to a Resort Hotel on the beach. They had bought a membership to allow them
on the grounds and showed it when approached by security.  It was a very lavish Resort.
 We walked down by the water where tables were set up looking out to the sea.
Behind us were Thai masseuses at your service.  They seemed to know the whole staff well,
including the dog Brownie.  We had coffee and a light brunch then left to check out my Dental
Emporium and find out the time of my appointment on Monday.  We did that and she
explained I would have to come back on Tuesday to install the teeth.  Then we stopped at an
English Bar and I met Steve from London, we had a beer then took the bus
to the Sanctuary of Truth.
 This is a Teak building that has been under construction for 50 years and is all Teak and
custom carved. It is to honor the Mother, Father, Earth , Moon, Stars, Water and Sky. 
Quite impressive.  Two hours later we left for lunch at a street side Mom and Pop Thai
restaurant that was excellent.  The bill was $15 including tip for the three of us.  I returned
to the hotel with a rendezvous scheduled for 8 pm at my hotel. Doug was going to show me
the night life as he knew it.  I need a nap and also need to schedule somewhere to go or a place
to stay the rest of December as this is holiday time and is becoming “high season” with
rates up and full occupancy.  This is my goal tomorrow. 

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