An economics professor at Ottawa University in Canada who is Croatian and was a soldier in Tito’s army when Yugoslavia existed, gave a very good lecture about the fall of the Balkans after Tito died.  The world bank lent them money with stipulations, like they did in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.  They defaulted, unemployment skyrocketed, the economy went down and now it’s a mess.  It was interesting and he blamed the US policy.  Bill Clinton was going to take care of it but waited 4 years to act and by that time wars broke out between Muslim factions and Greek Orthodox. Thousands died, raped, and tortured while Europe and the US watched. Our lecturer caused some angst among the US “tourists” that were attending the lecture.

      Marjorie showed up so after we went to dinner at Biznaga’s .  First time I’d been to my favorite restaurant since I arrived.  We had a nice meal then went home.


Vegetable Stuff Soup

Shrimp Mole

Tuna Steak with Avocado y Green Beans

 She had to be at school Wednesday at 7 am so went right to her room and I stayed up too late playing poker.
      Today I did nothing but go to the library and read a bit, have lunch at Olivo’s Gastronomic Pub,

Gazpacho and Stuff

then picked up a Rotisserie Chicken on the way home.  It was so good and I cooked the bones for another batch of Lentil soup.  I’m watching Transparent, the Amazon series in it’s third season.
      Thursday is Pool Hall day again so will retire now.
       I choose to do nothing today…I skipped pool and hung out at the library and a nice organic restaurant where I ate a good salad before returning home…to do more nothing.

Cottage Cheese , Walnuts, Apples , Pineapple, Grapefruit on Romaine

      Friday…another do nothing day…my blood pressure drops when I drink beet juice and I think I had too much for breakfast…put me back in bed with 99/55 BP.  I waited for the plumber to fix the sink but by noon I called the landlady to be informed that he couldn’t make it and will be here Monday.  I walked to the local Organic Market and found fresh Coconut Oil…but now I have a pint that Marjorie brought me from Trader Joe’s so had a nice lunch

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Cucumber, Carrots and Goat Cheese on a bed of Fettuccini Alfredo ringed by Fresh fruits and Shredded Carrots and Sprouts….with a Lemon Creme Chiffinode

and returned home to take another nap.  3:30 I awoke and took the bus to the Llano Park Market but still could not find Walnuts for my Pot Luck Christmas Salad. I returned home some fruit.  Marjorie arrived from her all day hike at the same time.

Corner of the Zocalo at Night

     I decided today that I was taking myself off of Statin drugs for Cholesterol.  Over 25 years and yes my cholesterol is excellent but I’m fatigued, muscle cramps, joint pain…etc.


  1. I'm glad to see you are continuing to explore the vast array of food in Oaxaca. Thanks for the ongoing posts that I can continue to enjoy despite returning to the north.


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